Flower Garden Layout Design and Ideas

Flower Garden Layout Design and IdeasFlowers are essential components of a garden. They are considered as the centerpiece of any garden. In fact, a yard with a lawn, trees, and fountain, looks incomplete until one incorporates flowering plants to its borders and beds. While flowers look great in any kind of landscape design, proper planning enhances the aesthetic value of the yard. So, instead of growing them randomly like flowers in the wild, why not plan the garden layout first and design it neatly?

How to Plan a Flower Garden
Laying a flower garden requires some forethought, your creativity, and basic gardening skills. But, you don’t need a degree in landscape designing to proceed with the same. While planning a flower garden layout, certain criteria should be considered like location, yard space, adding flower beds, finalizing flowering plants, and design tips. And to make your project simpler, make a rough sketch of the layout including the plant placement and color pattern.
Decide on the Location

The actual garden layout and the flower varieties to be planted depend on where the area is located. A sunny yard with fertile and well-drained soil is

Tree Surgery and Pruning

Tree Surgery and PruningMost trees developed into well-proportioned and balanced trees which are a natural characteristic but in some cases it is necessary to change the shape and size by pruning. This is typical of trees growing in relatively small back gardens in places like London. Is it also favourable to prune a tree as it can be manipulated into many shapes and sizes. Examples of trees which require tree surgery are those that have become unbalanced, those that restrict light and trees that could compromise structural problems to buildings, roads, walls, etc. Other reasons for pruning a tree include removing hanging or broken branches and limbs from the crown of a tree, its appearance and attractiveness and the prevention of diseases infecting wounds of a tree.

In shallow rocky soils, trees should be kept in check and not allowed to grow too big as the root system is compromised in these conditions which can lead to them becoming unstable. Trees that are planted close together can often look informal and reduce them and not allowing the crowns to grow into each other can be

The Benefits of Rain Gardening

The Benefits of Rain GardeningWhy has rain gardening become so popular over the past decade? Because it offers a beautiful, low-maintenance garden, provides food and shelter for wildlife, and helps the environment.

Viewed in general, a rain garden seems much like any beautifully landscaped garden consisting of bushes, perennials and trees. But the approach involves deliberate planning beyond that appearance. To create a rain garden, you begin by digging up the designated area to a depth of about 2 feet. Then, mix organic matter into the dug-up soil to loosen and fertilize it. Add the enriched soil back into the dug-up area, tapering to a depression of about 6 inches deep at the middle of the garden. Water runoff in heavy rains fills this depression, and the water gradually soaks into the ground.

During storms, a huge amount of water runoff can be seen flowing out of gutters, off of roofs and down driveways. A rain garden can absorb a lot of this excess water that otherwise would build up and cause flooding, or carry pollutants into local streams, lakes and rivers as it washes away. For this

What to Do in the Vegetable Garden this July

Your vegetable patch needs some attention in July so you can really get it sorted out for an excellent crop of produce. Take a look at these top tips for maintaining a vegetable garden in the summer so yours is healthy, productive, and perfect for growing the best produce all through the year.

Plant Potatoes and Re-Pot Peppers

You will have a new crop of potatoes for Christmas when you plant second-cropping potatoes or Christmas potatoes. Use bags or pots to grow these potatoes so you can bring them inside before there are frosts in the winter. Your pepper plants will thrive when you re-pot them in bigger pots so that they have plenty of space to grow.

Pay Attention to Cucumbers and Tomatoes

If you have limited space in your vegetable patch, try to get cucumber stems to go upwards rather than spreading across the ground. You can create a bamboo or willow wigwam of poles for the cucumbers to grow upwards. You can also help tomatoes grow more effectively by cutting off the leaves that grow underneath the lowest fruit. Boost the crop of tomatoes by feeding them with a dilute fertiliser – you can do this once a week in


As we discovered before, flagstones are characteristic stones. Subsequently, they are made by nature. In any case, these days, there is a dominant part of organizations in GTA that offer their own flagstones. All in all, what makes them not quite the same as each other, and what makes their items special?


Every stone maker makes its own huge number of flagstones by controlling the carvings, adjustment and completing materials. Subsequently, in the current assortment of flagstones, constructors and property holders are encouraged to pick and pick their building materials by taking a gander at the accompanying characteristics of the item: water assimilation, solidify defrost solidness, and flexural quality.

At the point when laying flagstone walkway, porch or garage, Canada’s Garden land is pleased to work with such flagstone makers as UNILOCK, Techo-Bloc, Permacon, Oaks, Banas, and Best Way Stone. This organization is well-respectable producers and suppliers in scene industry, and is certain to fulfill customers’ distinctive tastes and spending plans.


While there are such

Understanding Your Options for Renovating Your Garden This Summer

The word ‘renovating’ is often met with either excitement or dread. Whatever your feelings about renovating your garden this summer though, there is a way to do it that is sure to suit everybody, and every garden space, whether you own acres or a humble few feet of outside space. To prove that point, here’s some (and perhaps some surprising) options worth exploring.

To Realise the True Potential of Renovation…Call in the Experts

By far the best way to renovate a garden space is to call in the experts. Professional garden renovation and landscaping experts and builders don’t just create stunning garden spaces in which to enjoy the summer months, but do the hard work for you, maximising the amount of time you have free to enjoy your new garden space whilst also minimising the stress for you. Further, the experts are definitely the go to guys to help you understand just what scope and potential your garden space has, whether turning a rear yard into a miniature paradise or tackling and taming several acres.

Therefore, if you have the finances, it is well worth speaking with the experts such as those at CM

A Guide to Maintaining a Safe Garden

When it comes to maintaining a safe garden, you will need to get some professional help from a tree surgeon. They will be able to work with you in order to help you to ensure your garden area is safe, as everything from falling branches to overgrown trees can be problematic. You will need to make sure that old and diseased plants get taken out of your garden and healthy bushes and trees get trimmed back regularly in order to maintain a safe environment in your garden.

Risk Assessments

If you are unsure about whether you are doing enough to keep your garden safe, then you should organise for a risk assessment to be done by anarborist. You can contact a professional tree surgeon in Perth or any other big city anywhere in the world by looking for their contact details online. They will come and inspect your garden and tell you where they can see any potential risks and this is by far the best way for you to make sure that your garden area is safe.

Popular Services


Some of the most popular services offered by tree surgeons

Flower Bed Border Flower Bed Edging Ideas

If you love gardening or you own a flower garden, then this article is for you. If you are looking for ideas for your flower bed borders or even other landscaping ideas for your flower beds, you’ve come to the right place. Look no further, here is the solution for your new flower bed edging ideas.

Flower bed borders give flower beds the perfect polished look, that any gardener aims for. They add to a garden’s style and landscaping. Flower bed edging not only provides the flower beds with good visual appeal, but they also provide for easy maintenance and the cutting down of mowing time. Flower bed edging also keeps grass from occupying the flower garden soil. Flower bed edging ideas know no boundaries and can be as innovative and funky as your imagination lets them be. Yet, I present some popular landscaping ideas for your flower beds, in the paragraphs given below. These landscaping ideas are fairly simple and even an amateur gardener can successfully experiment with them.

Plant Edging

The most obvious and also the most traditional way of edging your flower beds, is by using plants. These plants can be flowering plants, perennial herbs, shrubs or even

Flower Bed Ideas

A great way for landscaping your garden is to come up with good flower bed ideas. In this article we will discuss various flower bed ideas to spruce up your garden.

There is no doubt that flowers are an integral part of any garden. They add color and beauty to the garden and no garden can be complete unless it is blooming with different flowers. But you need to make sure that you plan the design and layout of the garden in such a way that it showcases and enhances the beauty of the flowers. Planting a variety of flowers haphazardly in the garden will make your garden look shabby. So the best thing to do is to opt for flower beds. Flower beds are areas that are specially prepared for growing flowers. They are typically designed with an edging to highlight the flowers. Planning the design and layout of your flower beds is very important since different flowers need different care. Another important factor is the style of your home. The design of flower as well as your garden design should complement the architectural style of your home. Here we are going to discuss some ideas for designing

Perennial Flower Bed Designs

A basic tip for maintaining lovely perennial flower beds is to grow plants after understanding the height, flower color, length of bloom, flowering time and most importantly, the growing conditions. You can create a beautiful flower bed by arranging the bright-colored flowers in a unique pattern

Perennial flower beds can be considered a basic component of a well-planned landscape design. They not only complement a garden, but are easy to maintain as well. Once a perennial garden is established, you can follow simple maintenance tips to preserve its aesthetic value. The color and flower type of perennial plants are plentiful; you can select specific varieties as per your theme. As we already know, the blooming period of perennial plants is short, usually 4 – 6 weeks. However, a properly planned perennial garden will give you the advantage of enjoying vibrant flowers throughout the year. So while designing the flower beds of a perennial garden, make sure that you plan the theme, bed design and the plant variety well.


Though perennial flowers can be grown randomly, plantation in beds gives a special visual impact. When viewed at a glance, vibrant flowers appear more beautiful when they bloom

Benefits Of Leaf Mould In Your Garden

Autumn Leaves…

…and returns the following year. It is at this time of the year when people start their bonfires. Whenever I see someone burning a heap of leaves, it evokes in me the same sort of emotions as would, say, the sight of seeing somebody setting a match to a pile of bank notes, or worse still; books. Not only is it contributing to our polluted atmosphere but it’s a terrible waste of a valuable resource.

What, in effect, this is doing is robbing nature of one of her most valuable assets. Deciduous trees shed their leaves for a very good reason; these bits of organic material rot down and return to the soil, replenishing nutrients that may have been washed away by rain or used by the tree

Dead leaves in quantity rot down very quickly, some faster than others and the end result of this sort of compost is called leaf mould. Leaf mould is one of the best of the soil additives known to gardeners, not only as a soil conditioner but it can be used also as a potting compost.

About two decades ago, I was privileged to find

Preparing The Soil Before Planting A Vegetable Garden

The key to good a good harvest is to prepare the soil before planting vegetable gardens. It is a rather straight forward process which will involve digging and improving the soil by adding organic matter, to increase soil fertility.

It need not take rocket science to prepare your soil before planting a vegetable garden. My approach is very simple with abundant harvests each season, with many a jealous neighbor who appear to always be in the, “I have thought about putting a garden in” mode, but never actually following through on it.

Begin by digging your plot

Mark the area that you want to prepare, you can do this by marking it out with stakes and a length of string. Use a spade to cut the surface of the soil along the string line. Dig the area over with a shovel, taking care to remove any debris that are inorganic and will interfere with the growth of your vegetables ie; stones, roots, twigs and general weeds that would not be suitable to put in your compost.

It is a good idea to prepare your soil in advance, as in, do not plant in it

Feeding Squirrels In Your Yard

Should I help the hungry squirrels in my yard?

So you have a yard full of little furry bushy tailed creatures and it’s winter. They are probably hungry little guys. What about the momma squirrels? They really need food.

Here in Florida, we have Eastern Gray Squirrels. They can have 2 liters of baby squirrels each year, one in early spring and one in late summer. Sometimes the summer family stays together for the winter. When momma gets pregnant with the next liter, she will either chase the older babies off or go somewhere else herself. She has to get a nest ready for her new babies. The daddy squirrels do not help, they run off.

Momma squirrel builds a nest out of leaves and pine straw. She carries the items up the tree in her mouth and builds a good size nest with it. She has to do repairs regularly to keep it up. There is usually one opening in the nest for them to go in and out. It’s not like a bird’s nest. There are stores online where you can actually buy houses for them. They need to be put up high

How To Bonsai A Jade Plant

The Jade Plant is a tree that is native to South Africa. This is one of the best trees that you can grow as an indoor Bonsai. Because the tree evolved to survive in the warm South African world, outdoors isn’t a great option unless you have constantly warm temperatures (as in, the temperature doesn’t get below 6 degrees Centigrade or 42 degrees Fahrenheit). Here’s how you Bonsai a Jade plant.

The plant must go in a small pot that is fairly shallow depending on the size of the tree that you eventually want. Not too shallow – but we want the root network to grow out rather then down. This not only produces a nicer base to the tree (looks ‘flared) but also it will mean that you have a strong root network.

The main style for the Jade plant is the informal upright, but you can choose others. This style is as follows: the trunk wiggles its way up towards the top. Descriptive enough? Maybe not. The informal upright pretty much means you can do anything you like so long as the trunk if straightened out becomes a taper of some sort and the

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Water Fountain For Your Backyard Or Patio

You can change the way your property looks by adding a substantial amount of decorative pieces like statues, etc. But whatsoever, installing a water fountain will surely enhance the outdoor settings of your home. Certainly, the backyard fountains form an ideal setting for the property. While you worry about how the entire area exactly looks, installing the fountain would ease off your tension not only from the physical aspects, but in a profound manner. Now let us know the prominent ten reasons on why you should have a water fountain.

1.    Serenity in the garden or patio

Natural sounds of flowing water give a tremendous feeling of serenity that you would enjoy. You must have seen the seas, beaches, mountain sides, and other natural exotic places and also felt the effect that leaves an imprint on everybody.

2.    Bigger and better

Actually the headline refers to the appearance of the space where the patio fountains are installed. You could have a focal area that looks bigger and provides a calming effect that releases tensions and anxiety.

3.    Cool garden in the summers

You will have a fun time in the cleaning the ball fountains, because they are such easy to

Choosing The Best Underground Lawn Irrigation System for Your Lawn

Most of the people look at the task of building a lawn irrigation system with dread. The dread that they feel can often lead them to calling in the professionals for a job they could well do themselves. Installing a lawn irrigation system is quite a bit of serious task, but it is straightforward enough that anyone handy about the house could complete the job themselves and pat themselves on the back of a job well done. People who have interested in this matter, this article will help them to know more about a drip lawn irrigation system.

The Importance of Underground Lawn Irrigation Systems:

Underground lawn irrigation system in Toronto is a great option where drought conditions exist, where the local authorities do no allow the regular watering. With a timer regulating option, the drip irrigation occurs; you can easily make a little water go vary far. As the technologies are discovering day by day, the progression of lawn irrigation has upgraded more.

Hence, it is very easy to set up a makeshift above ground drip irrigation system with nothing more than flexible

6 Advantages of Green Cleaning Service

Lives have become stressful and we are running out of time. Since we wake up in the morning, we have so many things to do. Cleaning our house or office is also an important task in our life and we cannot avoid it at any cost. Today, green cleaning is a great initiative where everything takes place in an eco-friendly manner. Now, you should know the benefits of Green Cleaning Services and then accordingly take the new step.

1) Healthy home or office- If you use, green cleaning, then you will surely live a healthy life. To stay in a house or work in an office, cleaning is very important. Choosing this method over chemical cleaning is always a good option for your health and heart.

2) Pure environment- Using this Cleaning Service will definitely give you a satisfactory living and you can stay in your environment without any pollution. The experts are always happy to serve you the best and you will not face any problem. The environment will also get a clear message and you can live in a great way without any dust.

3) Safe green products- The products that are used in the cleaning process are also

WMajor Points Must Be Considered While Buying Uniquely Designed Terracotta Pots

Container gardening has certainly become highly popular among plant lovers in different parts of the world because it is one of the most idle ways to enjoy gardening within a small space. If you are planning to buy pots in order to start gardening on the front yard of your house then it will certainly be wise to check out variety of plant pots available in the market. The terracotta pots Melbourne are one of those pots that are highly popular among garden lovers. Below are discussed some of the major points that you must consider before buying terracotta pots in Melbourne.

1. Analyze the shape of the pot

This is certainly one of the major points that you must consider while choosing one of the uniquely designed terracotta pots for the Artificial plants Melbourne. If possible go for the square shaped pots because this is the design which is certainly more space efficient compared to various other shapes. Besides this, the square shaped plant pots have the ability to hold good amount of mixture and even can be assembled side by side within a small area in a convenient way.

2. Check out whether

Inspiration for Fall Bulb Planting

This is a reprint of a discussion I had with renowned Dutch garden and bulb designer, Jacqueline van der Kloet, 4 years ago. She is known throughout the world for her magnificent bulb designs. If you need inspiration for fall bulb planting, this is a must- read. Fran SorinOne has only to experience Jacqueline van der Kloet’s personal garden, The Tea Garden, to understand why she is known as one of the premiere bulb designers in the world. When I visited in mid-April, even with a 2 week delayed bloom time due to an unusually cold winter, it was lush, exuberant, almost sweet, yet paradoxically strong. The roundish circular flow, with winding pathways and evergreens judiciously placed, immediately gave a sense of order. Upon walking through an unassuming gate, I was met by large sweeps of narcissus and yellow tulips as the lead players and the majestic Fritillaria imperialis dotted about; I felt as if I had been transported to a spring wonderland.

I was coming off of a 3 day tour of early flowering spring bulbs to 9 private gardens sponsored by the International Flower Bulb Centre for a group of journalists from around the world. Jacqueline, in

Top 22 Benefits of Trees

Trees combat climate change

Excess carbon dioxide (CO2) caused by many factors is a building up in our atmosphere and contributing to climate change. Trees absorb CO2, removing and storing the carbon while releasing the oxygen back into the air. In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles.

Trees clean the air

Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone) and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.

Trees provide oxygen

In one year an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people.

Trees cool the streets and the city

Average temperatures in Los Angeles have risen 6°F in the last 50 years as tree coverage has declined and the number of heat-absorbing roads and buildings has increased.
Trees cool the city by up to 10°F, by shading our homes and streets, breaking up urban “heat islands” and releasing water vapor into the air through their leaves.

Trees conserve energy

Three trees placed strategically around a single-family home can cut summer air conditioning needs by